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The first roleplaying games were played around a campfire, thousands of years ago, with only the voice of the storyteller keeping everyone in a kind of trance. Since then it is safe to say that rpgs have evolved. This evolution has been all the most obvious in the last 50 years.

Starting with pen-and-paper and going all the way to online role playing, today’s rpg buffet is gigantic. And while all of them keep certain things in common, i.e., a character to develop, a story to follow, obstacles and antagonists, and rules, to name a few, in some other aspects, the rpgs we play today can be very different from each other.

Fatal Beauty - 12/2016
Pen and paper rpgs, MMORPGS, ORPGS, live rpgs, computer and console based offline rpgs… if you are into roleplaying, if you are interested in them, or if you simply are wondering what is all the fuzz about, there’s one style of rpg that will, almost for sure, adapt to your taste. From playing as a caveman to the most future-like rpg, there’s something for everyone’s style: sword and sorcery, horror, military strategy, high fantasy, historical based, humor, super heroes, sci-fi, gritty middle ages, space opera, cyberpunk, general purpose, manga rpg, dungeon crawlers… the list goes and goes. On top of that, every type has tens, if not hundreds, of different games, each one of them with a whole new set of rules to learn before you are able to play. The sheer number of rpgs that are available to players today is enough to give pause to the toughest and most decided rpg gamer.

With that in mind, we’ve put together this site, trying to collect in one place the best rpg sites that today exist online. This place was created with the intention to be your role play games site nexus, your “to-go” web page when you need to find a particular site or a particular game.

Are you ready to go down the rabbit hole, fellow gamer?.

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